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Fix-n-Flip Properties Available

Our client purchased this single family home in Loxahatchee, Florida at a wholesale price of ONLY $220,000...renovated and sold it retail for $325,000. 
Is this the type of deal you're seeking?

Building Your Rental Portfolio?

Our client purchased this one bed, one bath condo in Palm Springs, Florida for only $29,900, renovated it for under $'s rented at $875 month!  Are you ready for another property to add to your portolfio? Property Management services are available.

How Do We Get These Properties?

At 32 West Realty, clients receive the opportunity to purchase off-market, discounted real estate via private list exclusively offered to them before the public. We can do this because we are investors ourselves.
We obtain below-market inventory from a variety of sources and sellers, enabling us to offer that inventory to our own clients before ever listing it in the MLS or other public venues.

Before & After photos to the right... Greenacres, Florida fix-n-flip.

Who is 32 West Realty?

Finally, a real estate brokerage operated by investment professionals with the experience to help clients take advantage of today's hot South Florida real estate market. Welcome to 32 West Realty, Inc., Sharon Restrepo, Broker.

If you're looking for experience AND integrity, you've found it.
  • Brokerage Founded in 1996
  • ​Over 25+ Years Investment Experience 
  • Flipped, Renovated & Managed HUNDREDS of South Florida properties
"Clyde" Renovation Project - Part 1
Sometimes you have to will this turn out? With the right vision and a great crew, you can do amazing things with any property. Catch the "Clyde Renovation Project" so you can view this amazing transformation yourself. 
"Clyde" Renovation Project - Part 2
In Episode 2, you can already begin to see a big difference.  This renovation is a Class 4 Reno according to local code, because it requires so many permits and various licensed tradesmen to finish the job right. Can you manage a reno like this?
"Clyde" Renovation Project - Part 3 Finale
Voila! The "Clyde Renovation Project" is finally done.  Can you believe how this turned out? This intense renovation took a little more time than expected, but what an amazing transformation! Time to sell it for big profits!
"summertime" Renovation Project - Part 1
Fun in the Summertime! Enjoy DEMO day with us - as the dumpster fills and progress begins on our Summertime Renovation project.
"summertime" Renovation Project - Part 2
Although we're awaiting permit approval, we're able to get a few things done attempting to stick to schedule as much as possible. Delays cost money, so every minute counts.
"summertime" Renovation Project - Part 3 FINAle
Doing the right thing isn't always easy, and that was the case with this home. Dealing with municipalities can get frustrating, especially when the unexpected arises. After a few delays, we finally completed our Summertime project. Check out this beauty!
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